INTEXseas at the virtual AMS 101th annual meeting

We are very much looking forward to attend the first virtual AMS annual meeting on 10-15 January 2021 where we have the opportunity to present work from the INTEXseas project. The presentation by Heini Wernli on “Characteristics and dynamics of extreme seasons – a research topic at the interface of weather and climate” provides an overview of the project activities and achievements in the first two years. Mauro Hermann presents recent results from Matthias Röthlisberger et al. about “A new framework for identifying and investigating seasonal climate extremes” in data from ERA-Interim and the CESM large ensemble. And Luise Fischer uses data from the same large ensemble to investigate “How do North Atlantic – European weather regimes change with climate change?”. We are curious to receive feedback about our work from the AMS community!