Maxi Böttcher

Research interests

The focus of my research is the dynamics of extratropical weather systems and the diabatic processes influencing them. My main expertise builds upon my studies of diabatic Rossby-waves (DRWs), a special species of cyclones sustained purely by moist processes. Based on this, moist diabatic processes in air streams related to extratropical cyclones and fronts and their interaction with surrounding weather systems became the central part of my research. In addition to model data I also worked with measurements and included them in my investigations.   

From my previous more process oriented research on weather systems I now approach them in the INTEXseas project from their impact side on longer time scales. We are going to investigate how their persistence or sequence cause extreme weather situations on a seasonal time scale. My first project within INTEXseas is to explore the extreme seasons globally in a new reanalysis data set.