Mauro Hermann

Research interests

During my studies at ETH Zurich in Environmental Sciences, I specialized on atmospheric and climate sciences. Due to my personal fascination with polar regions, I spent one semester as an intern at the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS) to study the surface mass balance in South Greenland. It was a great pleasure to then investigate the dynamics of Greenland melt events during my master thesis, right at the interface of the two research areas. It was a textbook example of when the variability of the atmosphere is crucial in understanding the observed periods of strong melt in Greenland.

Bearing this in mind, I want to learn more about how the atmosphere behaves while it undergoes a rapid warming. Which extremes will be physically possible in the future climate? As the INTEXseas project targets the seasonal timescale, its results are conceivably highly significant for different economic sectors such as agriculture, forestry, health, energy and tourism. I am looking forward to work in a well-known team, tackling the project from the impact side of forest damage and/or winter seasons in the Alps.